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White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, warm climate, colourful fish, Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia is one of the most sensational destinations imaginable.

Archipelago of volcanic origin, nicknamed the "Pearl of the Pacific," this special place has always set the hearts on fire and unleashed passions.

Provided, Bora Bora is much more than a picture postcard on glossy paper.

Legend told us that the creation of Bora Bora is closely linked to a large stone shaped like a turtle named Ofa'i-Honu, still present on the island, confirming the close relationship that has always existed between the inhabitants and their exceptional maritime heritage.

A true Paradise on earth, Bora Bora Island and its famous lagoon is a haven for many animal species that flourish in freedom. Manta, lemon shark, diverse and varied fish, sea turtles, many species find refuge in the warm waters of the lagoon.

The coral, essential to preserve the delicate balance of our oceans is also increasing in mass.

For all women who love nature and "organic" beauty, Bora Bora (which means "first born“) evokes sweetness, pleasure, harmony and introspection. And the search for meaning as well, because we have to keep in mind, in this pre-climate conference period, that the island is threatened by global warming and rising sea levels.

Preserved natural environment, abundant life, sparkling colours, easy living, not to mention much of a dream and a hint of mystery ... ..what better inspiring influence for a new ZAO collection?

Invitation to travel just as much as an homage to this unique ecosystem, we are very pleased to unveil our collection with colours inspired by this magical place like no other.


Pearly Eye Shadow 118 Plum


At sunset, the sea is adorned with plums and intense violet reflections ....The eye shadow 118, deep and pearly, can be used more or less intensely, depending on the mood. For a natural everyday look, apply it with the orbit brush on the outer corner of the eye. For a more sustained and glamorous look, apply it on the entire eyelid. It will particularly enhance green eyes.


Pearly Eye Shadow 119 Coral Rose


Pink coral with subtle reflections mixing pink and golden, the eye shadow 119, illuminates the eye and is certainly a "must have" this summer. A bright colour to give sparkle to your look.

Pearly Eye Shadow 120 Royal Blue


Out of the atoll and its crystal clear waters is to be immediately confronted with the blue vastness of the ocean ...The eye shadow 120, is a beautiful pearly blue "pop“, perfect complement to the 119 coral pink (its complement) or our 107 gray-brown.

Ideal for a relaxing evening at the waterfront ....

Matt Eye Shadow 208 Nude


A slightly cloudy sky, illuminated with golden brown reflections that fades to a slightly pinkish beige ...The eye shadow 208 nude matt expresses in these shades and blends easily. It’s very neutral colour makes it an “essential” for makeup. It is used for very natural make-up. Ideal application with the blending brush (soon available) in the outer corner of the eye. Easy colour to work with to give structure and bring depth to the look. It is also an ideal base to be combined with a darker matt shade or to be enhanced by a pearly eye shadow.


  Compact Blush 325 Golden Coral


The first ZAO pearly blush ! Excellent pigmentation, for a color with pinky peach reflections. To be applied with the blush brush on the rounded cheekbone. Gives good complexion from the first brush stroke! It freshens a matt complexion and enhances both tanned skin and light skin.

Matt Lipstick 469 Nude Rose


Lipstick 469 nude pink is perfect for those seeking for natural and delicately sensual lips. “Essential” makeup, slightly pearly, it will enhance the natural skin tone without looking too bold for daytime wear. Easy and discreet beauty work, it applies naturally and could be used in any occasion. Apply it with the lip brush (available soon) for more precision.


Matt Lipstick 470 Satin Dark Purple

101470 web

Lipstick 470 is a matt red, slightly pearly, with discreet purple reflections. Its slightly iridescent “touch” will restore volume to the finest lips. Apply it with the lip brush (available soon) for better result.


 Lip Polish 035 Raspberry


Coverage of lipstick and shine of gloss, the lip polish is the ideal “all in one” product. Our new raspberry colour, with "cold" tones, brings an intense and sophisticated rendering and will specifically highlight the whiteness of the teeth and the brilliance of the enamel. For an even more sophisticated look it can also be used in combination with a lipstick to bring a touch of brilliance. Its tone perfectly match with the lipsticks 469 and 470. And always a long lasting fit and a nourishing formula for more comfort.


Nail Polish 656 Coral


For this summer 2015 nail polish is all about standing out, with the trend for bright and pop colours! With the 656, we offer a chic and modern coral shade, to enliven and enhance your hands! And still without harmful ingredients to use as much as you wish.


Nail Polish 657 Fuschia Pink


Also a hotly tipped ‘must-have’ summer colour for 2015, our fuschia 657. Dazzling and “graphic” it is ideal to enhance your tan, bringing colour and vitality in all circumstances. And still without harmful ingredients to use as much as you wish.

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