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Discover ZAO Makeup's new nail polish collection. ZAO has produced a non-toxic nail polish and care range without the harmful synthetic chemicals usuall found in nail polish.

Enriched in silica from bamboo oil, ZAO’s nail polish collection has 15 delightful colours to play with, including a French Nail Polish range for elegant and glamorous nails. Colours range from the classic to the trend-setting. All products are free from Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate, Toluene, Xylene, Colophony (rosin) and Synthetic Camphor, all of which are known to damage health.



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ZAO’s new Nail Care collection comprises a Nail Hardener, Classic Top Coat and Matt Top Coat. Use the nail hardener, not only to strengthen nails with silica, but also as a base coat for nail polish application. Use the Classic Top Coat for a traditional high gloss finish. Use the matt top coat to create new effects with nail polish colours.


101635 Durcisseur250

101636 TopCoat Class-transp250

101637 TopCoat Mat250

Nail Hardener

Classic Top Coat

Matt Top Coat

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